With the proliferation of social networking sites, most kids can now express themselves easily even if in 280-character tweets , long Facebook posts, comments, or even uploading pictures in Instagram.  The important thing to note is that kids are expressing themselves through the written word.  More importantly, adults would love it if their kids are able to express their views through writing. After all, writing helps preserve ideas even after the thinker is gone.

Encouraging kids to start “blogging” early has been perceived to have some useful benefits.  In fact, some schools use blogging as a writing assessment.  So, egging your child to start his/her own blog early may help reap the following rewards as they mature.

Blogging Develops Passion and Self-Expression

Blogging is for all, as long as you have a connection

The beauty about blogging is that anyone with an internet connection can do it, and a blog can be about anything under the sun. This means that everyone, especially kids, can write about anything he/she is passionate about. Blogging is a good platform to create stories, poems, or any form of literature. So, the Internet gives the budding writer a platform for self-expression, without the expenses involved when publishing written works. As a result, a blogger retains control of the blog, unlike traditional publishing which makes authors sign their rights away to the publisher.

Also, the Internet is accessible to all, since even the poor have internet access in computer shops. As a result, a blogger can have an audience bigger than he/she can expect.

Develops and Refines Writing Skills

Blogging is a new way to develop writing skils

When it comes to blogging, expertise is not a prerequisite, since most blogs are not regulated, especially by teachers, unless said blog is a school requirement. So, students are free to develop their writing skills to the fullest, and even learn proper writing techniques along the way. Also, blogging can teach students how to avoid spreading false information, since bloggers like Mocha Uson and Drew Olivar have become infamous for using their blogs to spread fake news.

Online Portfolio

Before you know it, your child has already created his/her own online portfolio, which you can check to see how much s/he has progressed in writing in terms of content and style. Also, if your child wants to build a writing career, his/her online portfolio can help serve as a CV. Another benefit of an online portfolio is that blog entries with the same topic can be linked together to form a novel, so your child may become the next Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Jose Rizal, or Oscar Wilde, if they build a great online portfolio. Remember, all great writers have to start somewhere!

Jumpstart to a Future Career

Blogging can help build up a future career

Also, blogging can be the jumpstart to a future career for your child, for after he/she is able to develop his/her skills, your child may grow up to become a freelance writer someday. The skills kids learn by blogging are very useful for employment because in the internet era, online writers can be commissioned to write blogs for people who are not that confident with their writing skills. Writers can even use their blogs to attract clients, for said blogs are online portfolios, which can serve as resumes for budding freelance writers.

Blogging Has Never Been Easier

If you want your child to start with his/her blog, all you need to do is check out some of these blogging sites: WordPress.com, Weebly.com, Tumblr.com, and Medium.com. After checking these sites, feel free to let your child blog away! Remember, every great writer starts small, so blogging is a great start!

Overhauled and Edited by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario