Learning how to blog opens up a lot of opportunities, of which the most important is a freelance writing career. The internet makes freelance writing easier, since you can easily type on your laptop and send your output to the client via email. However, turning this opportunity into a reality is much easier said than done, since you will have to search for clients and deal with rejection. Despite these pitfalls, once your writing dreams turn into reality, you can have a simple yet fulfilling career. Here are some easy tips on how you can develop your freelance writing career.

Be Open to Criticism

Criticism is meant to be constructive

As an aspiring freelance writer, the first tip you need to keep in mind is to be open to criticism. This is because whatever you write needs to be approved by your client. Also, if your work is returned to you for revision, it does not necessarily mean that you messed up, but it means that your work can be better. So, don’t take criticism personally, but use it as an opportunity to get better in your craft.

Develop Your Own Style, While Meeting the Client’s Needs

Style is key to good writing

Another very important aspect of being a writer is developing a writing style that is all your own. Sure, you can have other writers as your inspiration, but don’t simply regurgitate their style. Find your own style, since this is what will set you apart from the rest. However, remember that you must be open to tweak your style a bit to meet the needs of your clients. If your job is to ghostwrite an article for someone else, you will need to let go of your style though, since you will not be credited as the author.

Develop Discipline

Your work hours are up to you, so you need discipline

The third thing you need to remember as a freelance writer is that you choose your own work hours, limited only by the deadline of your current project. After all, you are a self-employed freelancer, not an employee. However, the downside of having your own work hours is that it becomes too easy to procrastinate. So, to avoid this, please remember your deadlines, and do a bit of work everyday, so everything will not pile up when your agreed deadline comes. You may be free to choose your own hours, but please, remember that you agreed to deliver your services to your client at a certain time, which necessitates self-discipline.

Always Keep a Copy of Your Articles/Outputs

Always archive your articles

The fourth thing you need to remember when working as a freelance writer is to keep a backup copy of your articles/outputs. This is to make sure that in case the client loses their copy, you have an archived copy for the client’s use. Also, your archived articles can serve as your portfolio, which you can use to attract more clients or serve as your resume. You should keep your portfolio in your laptop and Google Drive, which will ensure you have multiple copies, in case something goes wrong.

Always Save Your Work

Always save, just in case

Finally, the most important tip you need to remember is to save your work as often as you can. This is because anything can go wrong, like your computer crashing, or worse, a power outage. So please, for the sake of your sanity, use CTRL/COMMAND + S as often as you can. You don’t want to start all over again just because you failed to save your work.

Freelance Writing is Fulfilling

In the end, freelance writing is a very fulfilling career, since you get to support yourself, help others, and learn new things. To make your writing dreams a reality, follow these simple tips, and you will become the best writer you can be!