In this day and age, online learning is now viewed as the future of education, as seen in this article. As a result, universities like AMA and UP Open University have been offering college and graduate degrees via online learning or distance education. Even though studying for your bachelor’s or master’s degree online seems more convenient, it is not as easy as it sounds, since the convenience may be there, but it still does not eliminate the rigor of traditional education. Here are the skills you need in order to attain your degree online.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is needed to be aware of scams

Sure, critical thinking is necessary for students to excel in traditional education, but it is needed more in online learning. This is because critical thinking is needed to excel in traditional courses, but in online courses, critical thinking is also needed to avoid scams. This is because many have been victimized by diploma mills, here and abroad. So, to make sure you attain a recognized degree, check if the institution offering the degree is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Only enroll in these institutions, so that your degree will be recognized, for employers only accept recognized degrees.

Proper Time Management

Time Management is more important in online learning

Proper time management may be crucial to attaining a degree via traditional learning, but it is more important for those taking an online degree program. This is because online degree programs cater to non-traditional students, like those who are working or are single parents. Since these students have many priorities, it is important for them to manage their time so they can squeeze in their studies while they attend to their responsibilities.

A High Level of Self-Discipline

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Online Education requires an intense degree of self-discipline

Online learning, especially self-paced programs, requires a high level of self-discipline for pacing is up to the student. This is because the student is responsible for most of his/her learning when taking an online degree program. College is supposed to give more freedom than high school, but taking an undergraduate program online will allow a student a lot more freedom, so it is important for students studying online to have high level of self-discipline, so they can finish their studies on time. After all, universities offering online degree programs still have maximum residency limit, especially UP Open University, for it sets residency limits of 4-10 years, depending on the degree program.

The Will to Learn

Burnout is the death blow to online learning

Just like traditional degree programs, the will to learn is very important to avoid burnout when taking an online degree program. However, it is much more necessary when studying online because the barrier between the teacher and the student is larger online. According to the French philosopher Jacques Ranciere, in a traditional classroom, the teacher helps the student develop the will to learn by shutting the classroom door, and thus, removing distractions. Since there is no physical door in online learning, it is much harder to develop the will to learn, which is necessary to develop the self-discipline needed in online learning. However, it can still be done since you, dear students, can remember why you wanted that degree in the first place. Remember the reason, and you will be able to do it!

Online Learning Can be as Fun as Traditional Education

In the end, online learning is not only more convenient than traditional education, but it can also have the fun that traditional education brings, since it is still a journey towards a goal. Remember the goal you are after, dear students, and it will really help you excel in your online degree program and attain that degree! Happy learning!