In our world today, we have come to rely on technology for things like keeping in touch with our friends, entertainment, and even our learning. One of the ways we rely on technology for information is through Online Learning, or E-learning. This is the practice of having classes online which often involves pre-recorded lectures, which students are able to access any time they wish. Some universities take this even further by offering entire courses, and even degrees, online. Due to this, it can be said that online education is now the future of education.

Online Learning is Weatherproof

The Internet puts learning in our fingertips

Online learning is convenient because it is unaffected by bad weather. As long as one has a connection to the internet, one can access their lessons. If bad weather does leave one unable to connect, the lectures will still be there, waiting. This allows students to keep up with their education, especially in the Philippines, which is known to be the welcoming committee of typhoons. Thus, it can be said that online education is weatherproof, since learning is not affected by weather.

Online Learning Allows Students to Study Anytime, Anywhere

Courses taken online can be completed anywhere

Another reason why online learning is good for students is because students can study anytime and anywhere, as long as there is internet access. In online learning, you can attain college or graduate degrees, as offered by AMA University’s Online Education and UP Open University. These universities also offer short courses for those who are seeking to learn new things to enrich themselves. So, you can become a college graduate from the comfort of your own home.

For those looking for non-academic options, there is a website named, which offers courses in various fields like cooking, taught by Gordon Ramsay, and acting, taught by Dame Helen Mirren. Thus, you can learn a lot of new things with only an internet connection. So, online learning allows you to learn from the greats without even leaving your own home.

In This Time of Intense Traffic, Online Learning is a Godsend

Since the LRT-2 Santolan-Cubao stretch is down, traffic is bound to get worse

These days, traffic is getting worse, especially now that the LRT-2 Santolan-Cubao stretch is down. So, commuting to school can be worse than the 9th Circle of Hell, especially in the U-Belt and Makati. As a result, online learning makes education less stressful. Since you can learn anywhere, be it at home or at your favorite restaurant, you don’t need to brave the notorious Manila traffic just to learn. Thus, online learning is indeed a godsend, especially for stressed commuters.

Online Learning Retains the Rigor of Traditional Education

Even though online learning is way more convenient than traditional education, since it can be done anytime and anywhere, and even saves on the commute, it still retains the rigor of traditional education. This is because online learning requires a lot of self-discipline, for scheduling is entirely up to you. Since you decide your schedule, it takes self-discipline to keep to it. Thus, even though online learning is more convenient, it does not automatically follow that it is easy, especially for online degree programs. This is because you still have to take exams, follow the online lectures,and read your readings. Thus, rigor and difficulty, which is part of the learning process, is not taken away by the convenience of online learning.

In the end, E-learning is definitely the future of education, since it makes learning many different topics accessible and safe, and gives learners a lot of freedom. However, the freedom of E-learning gives it an element of difficulty, because it is up to learners how they want to study, but this difficulty is what makes learning possible, since learning new things is never easy.

This article came from an unpublished draft by Cenne Talbo, which I took the liberty of overhauling, editing and revising.