How the Educators of Youtube are Helping Me with Med School

            Youtube is a hodgepodge of visual content with different intents – entertainment, promotion, newscasting, random curiosities… you name it, Youtube’s probably got it. Once a website where random creators can just upload wholesome videos about nothing in particular, it has now evolved into the public’s personal platform where just about anyone can push for their own advocacy. This goldmine has content ranging from a multitude of things from lifestyle tips, recipes, DIY’s — all of these have a common underlying goal of educating one way or another.

            As a post-graduate student, Youtube has helped me advance in my own field by helping me grasp concepts that are elusive in the classroom. It gives a fresh perspective that supplements my lectures, as well as fun examples that help me understand the topic better. The visuals that accompany the online lecture are also very entertaining and engaging to watch. It also helps that the lectures are usually just a few minutes long as opposed to the 3-hour lectures we usually have in class.

I spend most of my time in the scientific nook of Youtube, and here are my top three go-to channels for when I need help grasping some concepts:

Khan Academy

            Khan Academy is a non-profit organization founded by Salman Khan on November 2016. Their goal is to provide free quality education for anyone, anywhere in the world. The organization has been successful so far, producing videos and interactive problems in several fields – medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, math, history, finance, economics are just some in their expanding roster. This organization’s style of teaching is pen-and-paper with voiceover. The videos are very straightforward and easy to follow, making difficult concepts much easier to understand (within a reasonable timeframe, too!)

Ninja Nerd Science

            Judging from its name, you can see that this channel focuses on scientific topics (i.e., medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, organic chemistry, and biochemistry). This channel has a lot of fans from the medical community around the world. Zach Murphy, one of the three founders of the channel, delivers concepts through a lecture-type of setting and breaks down complex topics really well.

ASAP Science

            ASAP Science is where all the fun scientific topics are found. If I want a sortof palate-cleanser for my brain, this is the channel I visit. They have a roster of really interesting answers to questions you wouldn’t normally ask in the classroom such as “What would happen if we just burned all our trash” and “Why you shouldn’t fear death”. If these topics aren’t enough to hold your attention, this channel’s animation is also very distinctive, which makes the videos even more engaging.

Bonus: CrashCourse

            CrashCourse has a very broad span of subjects – from computer science to the humanities, this channel is sure to engage you with their funky graphics and quirky hosts. Founded in 2011 by the Green Brothers (yes, one of them authored the ever-popular fiction book The Fault in Our Stars), this channel is my go-to for when I want to watch something fun and light but is still educational.

            These are just some among the multitude of channels available for free to students online. YouTube is definitely no substitute for courses, especially not medical ones; but it is surely a helpful tool for students all around the world. Judging from the comments left on the channels’ comments section, they are definitely making a difference.