The 2020s are starting as a crazy decade, especially with the Taal Volcano acting up once again, and COVID-19 causing a health scare and a suspension of classes similar to that caused by A (H1N1). However, it is not all doom and gloom, since just like Extreme Championship Wrestling’s Paul Heyman would say, “Where there is chaos, there is opportunity.” This new opportunity is online learning, for it fills a need that these crises have created, which is how to deliver quality education even if classes are suspended. Here are some reasons why online learning is great for the 2020s.

Online Learning Ensures no Student Gets Left Behind

Online Learning can happen anywhere

One advantage of online learning is that it can happen anywhere, especially in the comfort of your own home. This means that even when classes are suspended for prolonged periods of time, learning won’t be affected. Also, online learning is good for those who can’t go to a traditional school for any reason, like working students, physically-handicapped students and even older students. For example, handicapped students can study from home, while working students can work during the day and study when they are free. As a result, online learning ensures that no one gets left behind. In fact, college and graduate degrees can be attained online!

Thus, if education is the great equalizer, then online learning allows education to leave no one behind, for it allows people to keep up with the rest, and even earn a degree!

Online Learning Allows Students to Learn in Their Own Pace

Online Learning Allows Students to Learn Comfortably

Another advantage of Online Learning is that students can learn in their own pace. After all, most online lectures can be replayed in case the student does not understand. However, even if a lesson is live-streamed, students can still learn at their own pace because they have less distractions. Remember, suspending classes due to viruses keeps life at a slower pace, thus allowing students to digest their lessons easily, for they will have less worries. They can’t exactly leave home after all.

Also, being absent due to illness is no problem for online learners, since they can still keep up with their lessons. So, online learning is also a good way to compensate for sick days.

It is Much Easier to Grade Works Online

The Internet Makes Blended Learning Possible

Even if classes are still going on, this doesn’t mean that educational technology can’t augment formal education. After all, blended learning, or the synthesis of online learning and traditional learning, is still a great way to learn, since it makes classroom management easier.

However, with the suspension of classes,teachers can still give the final exams online, through the use of Edmodo quizzes. This ensures that the school year will be finished without a hitch.

Online Tutorials Can Bridge the Distance Gap

Online learning is not only useful in the school setting, but in providing supplementary education services as well. This is because tutorials can be now conducted online, just like English as a Second Language (ESL) services. However online tutorials are not limited to the teaching of English, but other subjects as well. After all, different students have different weaknesses. Due to this, AHEAD Tutorial and Review, the leading supplementary education provider in the Philippines, is bringing back its online tutorials, in order to better fulfill its mission of forming future leaders, through the great equalizer which is education. After all, not even a virus like COVID-19 can stop determined learners from achieving their dreams. All they need is determination, perseverance, and a good internet connection!