Spoken by more people around the world than any other language, English is the medium of international communication.  It’s not only the preferred language of the world’s fastest-growing markets, it’s also the language used by most of the world’s intellectual and technical resources.  Indeed, most programming languages are based in English.

Taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is, thus, a no-brainer for any citizen, who is bent on conquering the world.  Managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge English Language Assessment, IELTS measures one’s proficiency in English.  Millions of candidates have taken the IELTS with the hope of gaining access to academic, professional, and personal opportunities in the English-speaking world.  That’s because IELTS is recognized by more than 9,000 organizations worldwide, including academic institutions, professional associations, multinational companies, and government agencies.

Why Take the IELTS exam?


IELTS in Education

Whether you’re seeking to attend college abroad or looking at continuing your post graduate studies at a top university, you’d need to take the IELTS.  It’s an essential component of most student visa applications.  In Australia, for example, IELTS band scores are accepted for Student Visa applications.

IELTS at Work

Adults seeking work opportunities abroad are often required to take the IELTS regardless of the kind of work they are interested in.  Given that the preferred language of communication in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand is English, communicating with co-workers, management, and customers will require different degrees of knowledge of the language.  In the United Kingdom, IELTS is used as proof of English language ability in the Points Based System (PBS).  PBS enables migrants to apply to work or study in the United Kingdom.

IELTS for Immigration

If you want to make a home for yourself in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the United Kingdom, then you’d need to take the IELTS.  The IELTS grades required for immigration purposes vary according to the type of visa you’re applying for, the country issuing the visa, and your occupation.

In Canada, IELTS General Training is accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) as evidence of English language proficiency.

AHEAD Online, the e-Learning division of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center, can help you conquer the world by making sure you achieve at the marks you need in the IELTS.  AHEAD Online is offering an IELTS Review Program starting this year.

Send an email to online@ahead.edu.ph for more information.

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