What Not t Do During a Job Interview

As a fresh graduate, you have been taught what to DO during a job interview.  But as much as there are tons of do’s, there are a lot of don’ts too.  Here are a couple of things that you should absolutely NOT do in a job interview.

Don’t be late.

The early bird gets the worm.  Being late not only gives you a bad impression, but it also affects you physically.  Because you’re running late, you would probably find yourself rushing to the interview.  Upon your arrival, you would likely be sweating all over. Whatever fixing up you did beforehand would be pretty much for naught.  You might be frantic and a little out of breath, too.  So plot your preparation and travel time well.

Don’t underdress.

Always dress to impress; whether it’s the first interview or the third one.  You need not wear a power suit or the highest heels, but make sure that your attire exudes a professional vibe.  Opt for skirts below the knee paired with a jacket or a cardigan.  Toss the jeans and choose a pair of slacks.  Keep jewelry to a minimum, opting for classic pieces over gaudy, loud ones.

Don’t be nervous.

Be confident, but never boastful.  Calm your nerves; anxiety doesn’t have a place in a job interview.  You might find yourself fidgeting and soon, you might start stuttering when you speak.

Though the job interview is only one of the elements which could help you land your dream job, it is certainly an important one. Keep this list of don’ts in mind and you might just increase your chances of getting the right job.

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