The interactive concept of English as a Second Language (ESL) is as important as learning the language from books and other resources. This would not only come in handy in real life conversations but also in the IELTS and TOEFL, which also have speaking tests. Given that, here are some tips to make ESL learning sessions more interactive.

Get online ESL resources.

Interactive games and activities are copious online. These could help more reserved students to be more vocal, seeing that these online resources create less stressful activities for them because of the absence of an audience.

Go back to literature.

Literary works still prove to be the best learning materials.  Read the texts out loud, so that you can learn and practice pronouncing words correctly while learning how to use them in different contexts. When done with a teacher present, the teacher can correct mistakes and give pointers on how to improve your oral speaking skills.

Engage in live conversations.

Nothing else can still outweigh genuine conversations.  Use the language in everyday, mundane situations.  Doing such develops not only your conversational skills but also your self-confidence.

So, let’s be interactive by looking into the different ESL programs that AHEAD Online Review offers.  Choose the one that you need or best suits your objectives.  Send an email to for more information.