It was discussed in a previous article that video games can be educational, even those which are not marketed as educational games. Also, video games are not only educational for children, but for adults (especially working millenials). As a result, here are some video games which can help anyone learn new things. So, pick up your controller (or log on in your PC), and play away!

Total War Series

The Total War series of games is a set of turn-based strategy games based on historical eras (and Warhammer). Games in the series include Empire, Rome I and II, and Napoleon. Players not only learn how to strategize on the battlefield, due to the playable battles, but how to govern an empire as well. This is because the player can set taxes for his/her faction, or determine whether to annex a territory or make it a puppet state. Also, nothing beats being able to change history, like Napoleon’s French Empire conquering the United Kingdom to crush the Royal Navy, or Prussia unifying Germany 64 years ahead of schedule.

The Sims Series

The Sims allows you to face the challenges of everyday life, for you get to play as your Sim Family, which you can choose or create from scratch. In these games, you are similar to God, since you can shape your Sim family and plan their lives. The only difference is that unlike God, you have total control of your sims, and you can decide to kill off your Sims anytime (but please don’t, unless it is for building a story). Since the Sims has no set goal, you are free to craft your own stories, which can teach you a thing or two about creativity. Also, you can learn a bit about historiography, or the crafting of history, since history is storytelling, and in the Sims, you get to craft the personal histories of your Sims.

League of Legends

LoL can train you on how to deal with toxic teammates

League of Legends (LoL) is an online battle arena game which teaches players how to strategize, since the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy nexus. As a battlefield, you have to craft a strategy to win, and since LoL is online, you have to be able to coordinate effectively with your teammates. Thus, LoL really teaches players about teamwork. However, since some LoL players can be very toxic, LoL can also teach gamers about patience, because it is up to you if you want to be a good teammate or not.

Cities Skylines

Paradox Interactive’s Cities Skylines is a game which allows players to plan their own cities, so it is like taking a crash course on city planning. Anticipation is a skill taught by this game since players need to be able to predict what the people in their city need, before the city goes bankrupt. Also, strategy is key to excelling in this game, since players need to know how to expand their cities properly to avoid an early end. Personally, I think Filipino city planners need to try this game, so our cities can be planned a little better.

Video Games are More Than Just Entertainment

Even though some people would dismiss video games as mere entertainment, this is not true, for video gaming has become a professional sport, and it can educate us as well, since various games teach us various skills, like storytelling, strategy, or even how to deal with toxic people. So, gaming, if done in moderation, is a good educational tool.

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