Even though formal schooling has holidays, learning does not have to end, especially during the Christmas season. This is because every moment of every day can be a learning experience. Since Christmas is near, it means that you have plenty of free time for learning, and seeing as the internet is always there, it is useful in helping you learn new things. Here is how you can use the Internet to learn during the holidays, especially during Christmas.

Learn a New Language via Duolingo

You can teach yourself a new language via Duolingo

If you plan to go abroad for Christmas, then you can use it as an opportunity to learn a new language via Duolingo. It has many exercises and tests to help you learn how to speak different languages, which is very helpful for those travelling to other countries. This is because knowing the language of where you are going will reduce misunderstandings. For those who are not travelling, Duolingo is still useful because learning a new language will open up new opportunities for you.

Feel free to access Duolingo via http://www.duolingo.com/ to learn a new language today!

Get Good Books Through Project Gutenberg

Gutenberg.org gives you access to many classics

For bibliophiles, Project Gutenberg is the website for you because it has a huge collection of public domain books, from novels to non-fiction works. Instead of lugging around a huge collection of old books, you can access their digitized version instead, which is good news for those who have sensitive noses. Also, you can download them into your tablet, so you can store your books in a small and convenient package. With Project Gutenberg, you have an entire library stored in one convenient website!

Check out Project Gutenberg’s vast collection at http://www.gutenberg.org/.

Take a Short Course in Udemy

You can learn a lot of new skills in Udemy

For those who wish to learn new skills, like how to use Excel, basic accounting, and even how to play the piano, Udemy offers a plethora of courses which cater to everyone, You name it, there is a Udemy course on it! There are free courses available, so you can learn new things without having to spend a single buck. Also, all courses are self-paced, which is good for the holidays, when formal learning is on break.

Feel free to choose the Udemy course you want at http://www.udemy.com/, and learn something new today!

Play Online Games

Playing games, especially online games, will teach you a lot of new things

Learning is more than just doing serious exercises, since it is possible to learn something while playing video games, especially online games. This is because playing online games can teach you how to strategize, especially in games like League of Legends and Overwatch. Also, these teach you how to be patient with others, seeing as some online gamers can be very toxic. Games like World of Warcraft and the classic Ragnarok can also teach players how to work together and construct their own stories. As a result, online games are not an idle waste of time, but opportunities for learning, if done in moderation.

The Holidays Can’t Stop You From Learning

In the end, even though you may be taking time off from formal education in the Christmas holidays, it does not mean that learning has to take a break. In fact, the holidays give you more time to learn things you don’t normally learn in school. So, feel free to learn anything you like during the holidays, but remember to rest up as well. Once you are rested, you can continue your online learning by brushing up on your English in AHEAD Online! Remember, learning is not limited by season!