TOEFL Review

25 Lessons of 45min

Our TOEFL reviewer is made for those who want to increase their chances of success in the Western countries.

Level - Advanced

The TOEFL exam reviewer assumes that the students applying for this course have an advanced level in English.

Sessions Schedule

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TOEFL Review

The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) measures how well non-native English speakers can understand and express themselves in spoken and written English especially in an academic environment.

With over 130 countries accepting the TOEFL scores, there is no doubt that opportunities for educational attainment and career development are endless.

Components of the TOEFL

  1. Reading
  2. Listening
  3. Writing
  4. Speaking

What to expect from the course?

In this course, we will be exposing you to the ff:

  • Reading – measures the ability to understand academic reading material; 60-80 minutes; 36-56 questions
  • Listening – measures the ability to understand spoken English; 60-90 minutes; 34-51 questions
  • Speaking – measures the ability to speak English; 20 minutes; 6 tasks
  • Writing – measures the ability to write in English; 50 minutes; 2 tasks


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Develop test taking skills

Like any exam, there will be a variety of questions. However, in this particular module, we’ll also be teaching you how to deal with the various questions.


Adapt to the various forms of English

English has various forms depending in what country you’ll be going to. But our TOEFL reviewer course teaches a neutral form of English which will allow you to adapt to any English speaking country of choice.


Being able to understand higher level readings

The readings in TOEFL will not just be the Nursery Rhymes in English. Their readings will be a lot harder and more complicated which is why our course focuses on enhancing each student’s comprehension.


Develop a stamina to take the exams.

Exams can take a lot out of the person and our review course helps people build up stamina to get through the exam without burning themselves out.


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Group Lessons

Not sure if you want to learn alone? Don’t worry, we have group classes to help you and your friends learn. Want a whole department in the company to learn? We also have packages for that!

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