Is English your second language? 

Or is it the language you desire to learn next? 

The beauty of English is that it’s an interesting language and it’s easy to learn because of its rules. It’s rules have too many exceptions though, which makes it complex. Nevertheless it’s widely used worldwide. 

Other countries and cultures are learning the language too! Whether they be Asian or European. There are so many countries out there aside from the UK, US and Australia who would encourage their citizens to learn the English language. No matter which country you go to, you can get far if you know the English language. 

ESL learners have the following struggles in their quest to studying the language, and here are some of them:

  • Saying the correct words, idioms and phrases naturally, that they get 
  • Puzzled on what word to use when writing 
  • Native speakers have tons of slang expressions, and 
  • Dictionaries does not always help, they also 
  • Wonder if what they wrote or said sounds natural in English

Are these your concerns as well? 

It’s not your fault if you’re one of those. We get it. English is not your first language, and this is true for half of the world’s population. We learn English mainly because it is internationally useful in business, education, politics and diplomacy, English is used by our leaders in order to communicate with other leaders of other states. This is where an “interpreter” becomes handy.  

Do you want to learn and be confident with your English skills?

We’ve  got the perfect solution for you! 

Learn English in the Philippines  with AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center. We offer the best online ESL classes to help you:

  • Learn the correct words, idioms and phrases for everyday use
  • Avoid grammar lapses when reading and writing in English 
  • Learn English that will help you excel in your career. 
  • Converse with others in English and have a lot of fun with it. 
  • Learn slang terms and know when to use them appropriately

Even Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese  learn English from Filipino teachers online! AHEAD understands your struggle and you can learn English without leaving home!  Our instructors have learned English for most of their lives from grade school to college. We are confident to provide you the best in ESL education you could have. 

We can help you be ready to take on the world with your newly-acquired English skills!

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