Writing a book report about an assigned reading has been an assessment given to all students ever since.  Students are tasked to give an overview, identify the literary techniques used, and the salient points of a book.  Nowadays, writing a book report has also adopted the use of technology.

The Blog

Some schools now require a book report in the form of a blog.  A blog invites creativity on the part of the student on how to do the layout without sacrificing the content.


A podcast is also a popular medium for sharing thoughts to everyone, especially those with a smart phone.  In fact, some people find it is easier to record their thoughts than write it down.   Since podcasts are less structured and less creative, it is also a good alternative.  It gives the students more room to speak their mind and be honest about their perceptions.

Open a YouTube Channel

Creating a vlog also encourages innovation in the presentation of a book report.  Students have free reign on how to deliver content in whatever manner they prefer.  This method hits two birds with one stone.  Moreover, students who are adept in visual arts can really shine here.