By Kimiko Sy

Our new normal, while forcing us to physically distance ourselves from the people around us, also made us realize how wide our sphere of influence truly is – with our global connections now made accessible by online communication. Are you prepared for it?

During this quarantine, we’ve seen how easy it was to connect to the world through the internet. Without leaving our homes, we were able to stay connected with friends, family and officemates. We were forced to conduct our businesses and tasks online. We learned, shopped, exercised, and did most essential tasks using technology. 

Everything has been made accessible for everyone through the internet.

Unfortunately, some businesses are still finding their way to adapt and survive online, with tourism one of the most affected sectors.

One of the positive impacts that tourism has brought us is the opportunity to connect and understand the different cultures of people from all over the world. Tourism and international mobility has opened up opportunities for people to better communicate and understand each other. 

Authorities estimate that airline passengers won’t return to pre-COVID levels until at least 2023. Mobility from all over the world will be one of the phenomena that we can expect in the new normal. Fortunately, we live in an age where we are more connected than ever globally. With the negative impact of the pandemic to the one sector that considers knowledge of the English language key to its survival, will the demand for English as Second Language (ESL) services grind to a halt with the industry? 

With the world reeling from the effects of COVID19, everyone is now forced to conduct transactions online, making it accessible for more people. We see that there is no stopping the world from pivoting online for new processes of interaction, learning and businesses. Fortunately, tourism is not the only sector reliant on the language. In order for most to adapt to these new processes, there is a need to connect and communicate globally which means knowledge of the English language, the most spoken language in world, is more crucial than ever.

Fortunately, too, ESL learners need not be taught in physical classrooms. International teachers and online classes are now available from the comfort of your home which makes learning English more  convenient and efficient..

Creativity and innovation are also constantly being adapted worldwide to further equip learners. A lot of programs and tools are now being offered to make online learning more inclusive and efficient for everyone. Programs like BlendFlex allow ESL learners to choose between LIVE and online classes. We can expect that more and more people to be able to communicate universally with ESL being conducted online.

The digital world has become the classroom for every ESL learners mainly because being connected does not only provide access to information and knowledge but makes the application of the language easier. Learners from different parts of the world are now ‘classmates’ online. 

AHEAD has been offering ESL for years now and is ready to take on the challenge of teaching aspiring ESL learners. Courses can be tailored fit to different skill levels, with trained professional ESL teachers helping learners master the language

The world is quickly adapting to the new normal by shifting online. Travel may be at a standstill for now but the need to communicate and connect is stronger than ever.