From Our Students

“Learning English has made me more confident in my interactions with other people. What I like about being in AHEAD Online is that they teach me neutral English so I know that, everywhere I go, people can understand my kind of English unlike those with very thick English accents.

Because of this, I feel like I’m more capable in participating in conferences, seminars, and even competitions, and I know that this will be a significant step towards opening up more opportunities for me in the future.”


Learning English for international competitions

“So I went to AHEAD because I wanted to think about my future career and what learning English can do for me. As it turns out, the Philippines is a great country to learn English, and AHEAD is the top provider for this learning.

I feel like learning in AHEAD is better because they taught me neutral English which allows people from other countries to better understand. Through AHEAD, I was able to learn English completely and quickly.”


Full-time Student Abroad

“I find AHEAD Online as a suitable provider of English Proficiency. It helps me improve my English skills but also help me build confidence to speak with other people that I no longer need translators to be with me in every business meetings. Also, I was able to impress our potential partners in the business.

I am glad that AHEAD Online is very flexible that despite my hectic schedule, I was able to study, learn and grow. I would like to share this experience to my team.”


CEO, TechStyle

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