TED, a nonprofit organization that started in 1984, aims to “spread ideas through short powerful talks.”   TED’s speakers, include scientists like Stephen Hawking, the late Steve Jobs, etc.  TED Talks are available in more than 100 languages and can be easily accessed via the internet.  TED Talks offer not only new information but also inspirational perspectives from its different speakers.  The best thing about TED Talks—they are brief!

Below are some that are worthwhile to watch:

On Time Management

Time management is an essential skill that almost everyone needs to master.

A renowned psychologist, Philip Zimbardo, presented in his TED Talk, “The Psychology of Time“, an unconventional means of perceiving time as a means of improving our lives.  This talk is worth watching especially at this age when all of us are always seem to be running after time.

On Motivation

Motivation is a quality that almost all individuals, and not just students, find difficult to achieve.

The late Steve Jobs, in his 2005 Stanford commencement address, “How to Live Before You Die,” stressed the importance of “staying hungry’ and overcoming roadblocks.  His drive that created Apple to what it is today can definitely serve as an inspiration to everyone to strive more in life.

On Curiosity

“Curiosity isn’t always bad,” Savage said.

Adam Savage, the host of the popular show “MythBusters”, delivered a TED Talk entitled “How Some Simple Ideas Can Lead to Scientific Discoveries”.  For Savage, the itch for learning sprouts from something as simple as curiosity.

These mentioned talks, among others, are definitely a must-see even when you’re on the go.