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With the advent of technological advancement in this day and age, education is a sector that isn’t left untouched by this development. More and more, online classrooms and courses have been popping up, and teachers must keep up with this innovation so that they can maximize their students’ education. So how can teachers adjust to the online classroom if they’re used to teaching face-to-face? Here are a few tips:

Familiarize yourself with online tools and plan accordingly!

Being familiar with the technology and applications used in online education is key to teaching effectively in online schooling. Doing some research and practicing will be of great help, as you don’t have to waste student hours trying to figure out glitches.

Engage with students online — be visible and available.

The goal of teaching online classes effectively, as with traditional ones, is to make the material engaging. Tools such as online games, posts, and forums are at your disposal to supplement your lectures. 

You can also let your students know how and when they can reach you outside of class hours if they have any concerns or suggestions.

Facilitate a supportive and encouraging environment. 

To make the class more engaging and personal, you can also connect your students so they can have conversations about the class and help each other out — make an avenue for an active learning community! This will help make the students more enthusiastic about their classes, knowing that there are students like them.

Provide and make room for feedback.

Students will be able to identify areas for improvement more if feedback is given to them by their lecturer and maybe their peers. Asking them for feedback about the online class will also have the same effect and might make the environment optimal for learning.

These tips will hopefully enable teachers to facilitate the most effective learning environment for their online students. Online learning doesn’t have to be boring or too foreign, and it may be the better option for some students.