Nothing can still beat what the books or literature can give.  They provide the foundation and theories that are much-needed in order to be knowledgeable of a skill and subject matter.

However, all knowledge lose meaning when not put into practice.  Mastering the English language entails more than just studying the concepts.  In order to be fluent and adept in it, one has to engage oneself in conversations.

Speaking is a natural way to self-assess.  It forces one to use the words and phrases learned in reading.  Live interactions provide avenues to produce intelligible sentences from scratch and get immediate feedback from the one you are conversing with.  It also ideal that the practice of speaking in English be with an English teacher so that a mistake can be explained and corrected through the theories.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when speaking because no matter how cliché-ridden as it sounds, we all learn from our mistakes.

AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center has always applied the learning-by-doing principle and has helped countless students with this.  The same principle is used in AHEAD Online. With AHEAD Online’s programs, students will learn the concepts and the practical application.

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