Dyslexia refers to the difficulty in recognizing and processing graphic symbols and words despite normal intellectual functions.  This disorder is usually manifested at school age.  Dyslexia is also characterized with the inclination to read and write letters in reverse order and having illegible penmanship.  The main cause of dyslexia remains unknown, and this disorder is three times most commonly manifested in boys than in girls.  On the bright side, dyslexics perform at an above-average level on non-verbal intelligence tests.  Dyslexia is best treated with consistent reading instruction.

Below are some online resources to help your child manage dyslexia.

Have your child assessed if you suspect your child to be manifesting dyslexia.  Lexercise offers free online initial dyslexia screening that anyone can do at home. However, once the signs manifest, seeing a specialist is still be the most optimum task to do.

Dr. Erika Warren
Dr. Warren’s YouTube channel is filled with FREE instructional videos to help dyslexic children on specific topics like lines and angles.  It also offers videos for parents.  This is available for anyone with an internet service.

National Geographic Young Explorer 
This section of National Geographic’s website contains various issues of their Young Explorer magazine.  Struggling readers can listen to their magazines while the text is highlighted.  The online magazines also offer a wide range of topics and vivid images perfectly suitable for Kindergarten and First Grade students.