When Facebook became a thing, nobody expected it would become the new source of information. Nowadays, people would rely on social media to get their information. People go to social media to find out the latest trends, what’s happening around the world, and all the way down to fact searching. However, this can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful.

Nowadays, the dissemination of news is so quick that people have to be more careful now of what they post. Once something gets out, it’s so hard to pull it back. And even if you send out a counter news, the counter news makes a person more unreliable. Even so, it still doesn’t stop the rise of fake news and people nowadays have to be more discerning.

How do we tell the difference?

Telling the difference can be quite a chore. But it’s all the worth it instead of sounding awful online and in real life. For starters, you have to do some back-searching. The best way to do it is to right click on the image in the article and then select “search on google”. Once you do that, you’ll be able to see if there are other articles that have used the image. And if there’s another article that uses that EXACT image but for a different context then, you know there’s something wrong.

Often times, it’s good to employ Science’s “Rule of Three” rule. This means that if there are three sources that all say the same thing that mean it’s bound to be true. However, if there are only 2 or 1 then, there’s a lower chance of it being true. But again, you have to be careful because of how the article was written.

When it comes looking at articles, always make sure you cross check your facts. Especially if you find them on Facebook, always cross check them.