language learning

When it comes to languages, you’ll notice that some languages have certain similarities. For example, Italian and French have some relations and similarity with one another because they’re both from Latin. Chinese and Japanese also share some similarities due to the cultural sharing they had back in history.

But other than having a secret language, why should you try learning another language. The beauty of learning another language is also immersing yourself in the culture of that language. Like the French language is often a language that is spoken through your nose but, when it comes out – it sounds romantic. After all, Italian and French are both romantic languages. This is because of the smoothness of rhythm when it reaches the ear. Because of the smooth rhythm, people would start to fall for it as it appeals to the audiophile in them.

Other languages such as Chinese, German, and Japanese can be quite terrifying for some. Because accents are important in these language, it sometimes sounds like a machine gun on rapid fire. Or, someone about to rampage like an angry dinosaur throughout the city. But these languages speak about the personality of their culture. The German culture is a strong, hardened culture from the tests of time, Chinese culture is an old but wizened whereas Japanese culture has a more hushed but passionate voice. But again, it’s dependent on the linguist who would learn the language.