One can see a Korean in almost all parts of the Philippines.  Koreans fly all the way here to the Philippines not only to enjoy the scenery but to also learn and practice speaking in English.

While English is also taught in Korea, Hangul is still used in almost all forms of communication there.  Most Koreans do not have much opportunity to put into practice whatever knowledge they have learned about English.

The Philippines is considered as a great place to learn English.  Not only does the country offer relatively cheaper English language classes, but the quality of its education and teachers can also be considered at par with those of native English language centers.  More importantly, the greater Filipino populace can understand and speak English to a certain competitive degree. Most Filipinos use English in everyday conversations.

Furthermore, the number of Korean communities in the Philippines is continuously increasing especially in places like Baguio and Subic.  This, in turn, will put the minds of people who plan to migrate to the Philippines in a bit of ease.  Aside from these communities present, adjusting to a new culture and country will definitely become easier.

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