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Teacher Dave

Honorable Mention in AB Diplomacy and International Relations and AB History, Specialization in East & Southeast Asian Studies and Minors in European Studies, English Literature & Cultural Heritage from the Ateneo de Manila University
Currently taking MA Linguistics in the University of the Philippines Diliman
Experienced Languages Teacher and Student Leader from Ateneo’s Intercultural Relations Cluster
Had experiences in Finland, Germany and Japan

Teacher Ashley

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in European Studies
– Certificate in Spanish (awarded by Ateneo de Manila University)
– Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera Nivel A2/
-Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language Level A2 (awarded by Instituto Cervantes)

Teacher Patrick

De La salle University graduate
BA International Studies Major in European Studies
TEFL certified
TESOL certified

Teacher Renz

Ateneo de Manila University Degree: BS Management Engineering
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Learn from the best tutors and lecturers
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About Our Teachers

Possess excellent communication skills and can work with children or adult students of varied ages from diverse backgrounds.

are DIGITAL NATIVES. Because of the increasing use of technology in the classroom, our teachers are proficient in computers and various learning systems / classroom technologies.

are FLEXIBLE. Our teachers have flexible schedules to allow for real-time  teaching  in other countries

They have:

a Bachelor’s in Education (or other related course/s) degree holder

a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification

have undergone additional training with focus on teaching, linguistics, or second-language acquisition.