Dear student,

Congratulations! You made it into college! Whether or not it was your dream college isn’t a priority as of the moment. What matters is you have your foot in somewhere. Like they always said, a single journey always starts with a single step. And also, putting your foot through that door.

College won’t be like high school where everything was structured. You’ll have to bring your stuff to different classrooms. You don’t have a preset set of teachers. Sometimes, you even have to be the one to enlist in their class.

The work can be gruelling; different teachers can mean different grading systems. And sometimes, there are some teachers who you won’t like at all. There are some teachers you’ll really like. And here, you’ll learn that having the grit to work isn’t what will really get you through life. It’s about working smart.

At one point, you’ll experience a lot of things in college. Your first failure, the suspense of waiting for your grade to appear, the terror of realizing you won’t be getting the classes you want, or the sheer horror and despair that you may get kicked out of college.

Despite the horrors, there are also many wonderful people you’ll meet. You’ll meet people who may be your lifelong friends. Perhaps, you’ll meet even the love of your life and get lucky. You may even find your career path. Yes, it’s normal to change career path when you enter college. Sometimes, people can romanticize your original choice and it’s in college you realize that it’s not cut out what you thought it was.

There will be a lot of joys and there will be a lot of heartbreaks. At the end of the day however, what matters is how you handle them and how you care for yourself.

Never forget that your first and foremost duty is to yourself.

Wishing you all the best,

A graduate