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Online schooling is a relatively new concept in our society, but it’s a growing industry. Despite the fact that more and more people are recognizing the benefits and legitimacy of online courses, it’s inevitable that some will still have apprehensions about it. Here are three common myths that we would like to address to help expel some doubts:

Myth Busting: Online Schooling Edition 

Myth #1 : Online learning credentials aren’t recognized/accredited by employers or educational institutions.

The simple myth-busting answer to this is that it all still depends on which institution the student plans to get their credentials from. Doing due diligence will increase the likelihood of the online school’s credibility — having a long-term vision will help guide the student in choosing the right program and school for them.

Because the number of accredited online schooling courses are on the rise, more and more institutions and employers are seeing the credibility of the courses. But as mentioned earlier, due diligence is required to see if credits from online courses will carry over the student’s target institution when transferring or applying for a school or job.

Myth #2: People who enroll in online schools don’t get to socialize.

There are lots of avenues for students enrolled in online school to interact with students in the same set-up. Web seminars, online collaborative projects, and discussion forums are available for them to use in order to meet and socialize. 

Myth #3:  Cheating is easier in online schooling.

This issue might have been rampant in the early days of online schooling, but better technology and applications have now been developed to address this issue. There are available resources to use to prevent cheating in online exams such as application-blocking apps and keystroke tracking. 

Other evaluation tools and activities have also been developed to make cheating more of an inconvenience than doing the coursework itself, such as micro quizzes and video presentations.

In Conclusion

There are definitely more myths about online schooling that we can address. As we understand the process behind lectures and evaluation in online schools and how more and more institutions are recognizing its credibility, we hope that the recognition of benefits can start to outweigh the apprehensions about e-learning.