Essays – oh, the drudgery of writing one!  This is probably the perception of almost all students.

Let’s admit it.  Writing, by itself, is a laborious process.  However, this is a skill needed from middle school to college and/or post-graduate studies.  The difficulty lies in doing research for the content then putting everything together in a coherent and unified manner with some sense of style.  This is why a lot of students struggle with it.

The world wide web, though, contains tons of online resources to hone your writing craft.  Below are some.


This website provides the foundations on the basic parts of an essay including strategies on how to write each part for each essay type.


A fresh set of eyes to check your work is always good. has forums where you can share your work with other people who can give feedback about your work – from detecting errors and offering ideas that you may not have thought of.


Grammatical mistakes may be considered as part of the writing process.  This website has archives of quick vocabulary lessons including quizzes to help you amp up your grammar skills.


Grammarly is one of the newest extensions in Google Chrome that can help you write your essay. It offers suggestions for your write-ups to make sure your writing and your essay come out on top. While it is a Google Chrome extension, people can also download it and have it installed in their computer.

Should you need extra help, AHEAD Online is just a click away.  Our expert English tutors have all the tools to help any student with their essay writing woes.

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