We are 6 days into 2020, so it means that it is now time to take down those Christmas decorations, continue eating these New Year leftovers, and react to each others’ New Year’s greetings on social media. Since it is a new decade, it is high time to start with these New Year’s Resolutions, especially with regards to social media usage. Here are some simple New Year’s Resolutions you can follow to make the Internet, especially social media, a better place.

Be More Careful With Fake News

Social media makes it easy to spread fake news, so be careful

One thing you can do this coming year is to be more careful with sharing fake news. This is because spreading misinformation could send the wrong message to your friends and followers. Also, wrong information can be dangerous because it can cause major problems, like with anti-vaccination advocates, who are a public health problem. So, do yourself a favor this New Year and only share information which you know to be true. Also, please use this guide to check if the information you are sharing is true.

Watch the Memes

It may be nice to share memes, but be careful

A lot of self-proclaimed memelords, including myself, share a lot of memes to cheer people up or to look on the bright side of life. However, we must be careful with the memes we share, for some can be downright offensive, or cause fear, like World War III memes. So, feel free to share the memes, but stick to the funny and harmless ones. We sometimes scroll down our social media feeds to rest from the stress the offline world brings. So please, do yourself a favor and don’t add to the stress of others.

Be Careful When You Comment

Feel free to comment on social issues, but be kind

When it comes to political issues posted on Facebook, we Filipinos love to post our comments. However, when you comment, try to focus on the issue, and try not to insult anyone. The offline world is toxic enough already, so, I don’t think it is right to spread this toxicity online. Also, if the person you reply to is already insulting you, please don’t reply, since you may just be feeding the troll if you do. So, be kind when you comment, and don’t feed the trolls.

Take More Breaks

Get some rest from social media from time to time

Sometimes, social media can get too toxic, so it may be time to take more breaks. This is because we all have lives outside social media, and if we let social media eat into the other aspects of our lives, then it would already be an addiction. So, even if social media is an important part of our lives, we should not make our lives revolve around it.

Watch What You Share

If you don’t want everyone to see it, don’t share

Also, another resolution we should practice for this New Year, and the years beyond, is to watch what we share. This is because even if we intend our posts to be for a specific audience, potential employers or even older relatives my be seeing what we post, so we should be very careful on what we share. So, it would be a good idea only to share things that spread the good vibes.

Social Media is a Public Space

In the end, it is worth it to follow these New Year’s Resolutions with regard to our social media usage, for social media is a microcosm of the offline world. We always strive to improve ourselves in the offline world, so we must always improve ourselves online as well. Hope you become a better netizen this 2020 and beyond!