Sometimes, as a parent, you wonder where in the world your child learned certain things. It makes you back track; it makes you doubt whether you may have made a mistake something. For example, children learn cuss words a lot earlier now. They begin asking questions that make you shiver. And times, they know more curse words than even you yourself do.

But where exactly do they get this knowledge?

How did children learn things that even parents are not aware of?

Behold: The power of the Internet

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When parents are trying to get your child to keep themselves busy, what’s the first thing parents give them? It’s either their smart phone where kids use up the battery up to 10% or a tablet with all their favorite videos in it. After that, the tablet serves as the “digital yaya”/ “digital nanny” where they babysit the child by using videos.

However, it’s precisely through those videos that kids start to learn something. For example, there’s Youtube. Youtube is one of the most populated and popular websites where kids watch videos of all sorts of things. Be it a cut from a certain episode or their favorite streamer, they can learn a variety of things.

That’s where teens learn how to put on make-up.

That’s also how some young adults learn how to cook.

And that’s where also kids learn how to cuss and certain references.

But this isn’t a cause for panic. This just means that children have more access to education than you think. That also just doesn’t mean that you can just tell your child to just “google it”. Because even if they can find the answer on the internet, it still takes some processing. And while this can be challenging, think of it also as a way of bonding with your kids.

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