In the online community, Filipinos are well known for being toxic. In fact, the online gaming community even calls Pinoys Pee-Noise. This toxic behavior among Filipinos is not only prevalent due to the anonymity of being online, but it is also an offshoot of some Filipino traits, like the crab mentality. Here are some ways on how to avoid toxic online behavior, so the Internet may remain a civilized space.

Be Civil When Commenting on Facebook

Please don’t use ad hominem attacks

Even though our Constitution protects freedom of expression, this does not give us the license to insult others online. Comment threads on Facebook have turned into a warzone where pro-Duterte Facebook warriors fight their anti-Duterte counterparts, due to this abuse of free speech. We can refute the arguments of others online, but focus on their points, not their personalities, OK?

Don’t Trash-Talk Your Teammates in Online Games

Please avoid being toxic while gaming

Playing online games like Overwatch and League of Legends can get really intense, but that does not mean you can trash-talk your teammates, especially when Master Yi Alpha-Strikes into the enemy team and gets himself killed, or when your Overwatch Healer charges the enemy. Everyone makes mistakes while gaming, so please, don’t be too harsh on your teammates by insulting them, or worse, using the dreaded kys (kill yourself) on them. This kind of behavior can get your account temporarily suspended or worse, banned, since game developers do not tolerate this kind of behavior. Don’t make our country’s online reputation worse, please!

Don’t Post Photos of Your Strange Nightlife

Don’t let these clog your news feed

Sure, it may seem fun to post the photos of your group inuman in Derf’s or Walrus, but please, only post sober photos of the gang, to preserve the moment. However, when the drinking starts, please don’t post any photos, since embarrassing moments, when posted online, can never, ever be removed from the memories of netizens. Also, you could get in big trouble with your parents. Worse, your homies’ parents may chew you out. So, please stay away from trouble and keep your pictures safe for work, OK?

Obey Data Privacy Laws

When posting on your social media accounts, please remember to avoid posting confidential stuff. This is not only uncalled for, but also illegal. Remember, there are laws that protect our data privacy, so violating them would land you a nice cell in your local city jail. So, to avoid doing the time, please don’t do the crime.

Don’t Post Fake News

Only share legit news

Also, for your sake, NEVER share any fake news. Remember, there is a coronavirus on the loose, and sharing fake news means sharing panic as well. We don’t want that, OK?

Keep Your Posts PG

You are free to post anything you like online, even the dankest of memes, but please, keep your posts and tweets PG. This means that you have to be OK with your mother seeing your posts. If not, don’t even bother, especially since your social media presence may be seen by minors, and this may land you into a sea of trouble. So, to avoid problems, and to make the Internet a better place, please spread wholesome information.

Remember, if You Can’t Say It Offline, Don’t Post it Online

Think before you post

In the end, the best way you can avoid toxic online behavior is to remember that if you cannot say it offline, then don’t post it online. Don’t let the anonymity of social media shield you from accountability. Lastly, if you want a less toxic Internet, then start with yourself and don’t be toxic online.