With the new K-12 education in the Philippines, several schools in various cities and provinces will have the so-called Moving Up ceremony instead of the traditional graduation rites.

Moving Up

Moving up is a special event wherein students officially move up to their next level of education— from elementary to middle school, from middle school to high school, and from high school to college.  Moving Up Day marks a milestone life.  All students get to start on a clean slate in a relatively new environment.

But as a student, it would always be great to look back and think about the experiences you had including the accomplishments you made just before you finally move up to the next level of your education.

Think about how you became YOU during the past years.  Think about the meaningful pieces of art you made, the games and performances you carried out for your MAPEH class, the histories and dates you memorized, the unending papers you managed to accomplish, the food along the streets of your school that you always craved for, the four corners of your classroom. They all have made you who you are today.

Don’t forget though that you still have much more to learn in the coming years.  Always open your door for new experiences and opportunities.  Keep reading and learning and discovering.