Wouldn’t it be neat if you could have the chance to hang out with one of the geniuses of the past – Newton, Einstein, or Edison, etc.?

The gifted learn the nuances of a language early; as such, they comprehend more and have a more extensive vocabulary.  They perceive abstractions easily and draw inferences from non-verbal cues.  Despite having eclectic interests, they are able to focus more intensely on a task compared to other kids their age.  They attack problems in a well-organized and efficient manner while keeping the objectives in mind.  More importantly, their desire to learn is intrinsic.  So, it is safe to say that one can become a winner by just simply being with them.

Another interactive way of reviewing and completing school projects is by taking online academic tutorials like those offered by AHEAD Online (AO).

AO’s academic tutorials make use of Google’s high-technology video, audio and chat facilities, as well as Google classroom to ensure clarity of sounds and visuals, making interaction between students and tutors more proficient.  Plus, AO’s tutors are super smart, so you will definitely learn a lot from them!

Send an email to online@ahead.edu.ph for more information.