For Students

Academic Tutorials

Achievers Program   

For a child who may already be an honor student but wants to excel even further, the Achievers Program puts him on the road to even higher academic achievement.

Maintenance Program   

For a child who has conquered his bout with failing grades but still needs assistance to make sure he stays on the path to academic success, our Maintenance Program keeps him focused on his goal of higher scholastic achievement.

Reinforcement Program

For a child in danger of failing a subject, our intensive Reinforcement Program will help him get out of his academic rut.

Remedial Package

For a child who has failed some of his subjects and needs all the help he can get, our Remedial Program will help him improve his grades in the shortest time possible.

Preparation for Academic Contests  

AHEAD Online’s expert tutors can coach your child for competitive scholastic events such as national and international Spelling bees, Math and Science competitions, oratorical contests, and debates. Our tutors are the best mentors, because they are competition winners themselves. With their support, your child will be trained to win!

Singapore Math

AHEAD Online’s Singapore Math program is unlike any other program, as it allows students to work on the same test materials that top-performing students in Singapore are given. Our tutors, who have been trained by a seasoned Singaporean teacher and trainer, help students understand how problems are solved by providing them with effective techniques.

Our Singapore Math program uses a progressive and learner-adaptive approach. Students with lower math proficiency are given the opportunity to go back to concepts and skills that they were not able to master in school. Higher-performing students can advance from one level to the next and maximize their fullest potential. Sessions are focused on helping students build on their quantitative and computational abilities through constant practice.

Tutorials for College Students

We assist college students who want to maintain good standing in their subjects.

Tutorials for the Home-schooled

Whether it’s to assist in the design of the homeschooling program, to teach your child when you’re too busy or too tired from work, to measure and monitor his or her academic progress, or to deal with subjects outside of your expertise, AHEAD can make homeschooling a rewarding experience for your family.

Tutorials for Regular Math

AHEAD Online offers an exemplary Math tutorial program to help students finish their homework and review for their exams. This program focuses mainly on teaching students Math in English in order for students to acquire a better understanding of basic and advanced concepts and processes.

Review Programs

ACT Review

This is a test-based program designed to help students enter their preferred American university. It includes tutorial sessions for better proficiency in ACT’s English, Math, Reading, and Science.

SAT Review

This is a test-based program that starts with a Diagnostic Test and ends with a Simulated Test to monitor the progress of the student. By the end of the program, the student will not only have a better knowledge of the concepts commonly tested in the SAT, but he will also have learned and applied test taking techniques to ensure the actual test-day success.

IELTS Review

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is designed to test the language skills of those who need to submit English proficiency scores to certain universities or any other institutions of higher education.

The IELTS, which reflects real life use of the language, is usually required by educational and professional institutions in countries where English is the main medium of communication.

Academic Module – generally required for

a. University study at undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate level
b. Association with professional organizations in an English-speaking country

This module tests the four skills of communication:

• Reading
• Listening
• Speaking
• Writing

Reading and the Writing questions are different in the non-academic module.