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Frequently Asked

How do you pay for your classes?

We accept payments through paypal. But we’re also setting up a variety of accounts. We accept a variety of other payments such as credit card payments and we’ll be setting up other accounts to help make the payments easier.

How do you know what lesson you'll need?

Our company believes on a test-based learning. We create diagnostic tests and find out your level of English through the tests.

Can your teachers speak in other languages?

Some of our teachers can. As much as possible, we try to acquaint them with at least a conversational level of the original language of the student so that the transition to English will be much easier.

What countries do you teach?

We’re currently handling Chinese students but we’re more than happy to handle other kinds of students. We intend also to extend our services to Japanese and Korean students. But if you’re not any of the above, it’s okay! Our teachers will still gladly teach you as long as you have a passion for learning.

Where is your office?

Our current office is in the Philippines but we’ll be expanding more soon!

Have any other questions?

If you have any other questions, don’t forget to email us at: info@ahead.edu.ph



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Take another step forward into the world by learning English in an accent that can help you adapt to any form of accented English in the world. Serve as a translator for other countries, seal business deals with foreigners, or even appreciate new literature when you finally master English.

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