English Skills


25 Lessons of 45min

Take your English skills to greater heights and make yourself capable of understanding English on a more formal setting.

Level - Intermediate

Unlike ESL, this course takes on intermediate to advanced learners of English where it will tackle heavier comprehension and grammar practice.

Sessions will begin upon enrollment

Once you’re enrolled, we’ll help you set up with the teacher that best suits your needs.


Course Offerings


6 week course

Reading in English is one of the most important things especially when the people are going around. By learning how to read, you’ll be able to find your way around cities and have appreciation for higher level forms of literature.

$30/ Hour


12 week course

Writing in English is one of the most common ways of speaking now especially when it involves emails and social media. Our course teaches you the power of words in light of writing to create varying statements of varying effects.

$30/ Hour


Online Self Paced

When it comes to comprehension, we’re not just talking about understanding it. We also include speaking the language, responding in the same language, and understanding what the person actually said.

$30/ Hour


Course Objectives & Outcomes


Teach a neutral form of English

In this course, there is an assumption that the student knows basic English. However, we also assume that the accent that the student has may have a thick accent from their original teacher.


Teach various uses of English

English has various uses especially in writing. Styles include news style writing, research writing, academic writing, and even creative writing.


Increase vocabulary limit

The English vocabulary has an extensive set of words. We help non-English speaker be more able to express themselves.


Further increase the confidence in speaking

Children and adults often times suffer from “selective mutism” due to a self-esteem problem. By teaching them more English, they’ll be able to gain more confidence to speak and interact with others.


To improve online community social and mental health

Often times, toxic behavior and insults are done because of a limited vocabulary. By putting them through English, they begin to see the power of their language and use it for better means rather than just being toxic online.


Private English Course Offerings

Individual Classes

We do individual classes for those who feel that learning on their own is something they do best. We measure their level of English to make sure we give them the best lessons.

Kiddie Classes

Kids love fun teachers and that’s exactly what our teachers are! They’re fun, make their classes interactive, and make sure that your child will have the most fun experience learning with us.

Group Lessons

Not sure if you want to learn alone? Don’t worry, we have group classes to help you and your friends learn. Want a whole department in the company to learn? We also have packages for that!

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