English Skills Training

25 Lessons of 45min

Level up your English skills with our English Skills Training as we teach you composition, higher reading comprehension, and more vocabulary to better appreciate the English language.

Level - Intermediate

When you have the basic foundation for English, the best thing you can do is make your English better. 

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Course Offerings

Reading and Comprehension

6 week course

What better way to learn English is to read stories? In this particular course, we offer reading and comprehension for different forms of literature ranging from pocket novels to movies.

$30 USD/ Hour


12 week course

Speaking English is one of the first things we teach when it comes to this course. While you do learn how to speak English in the other courses, this course focuses in helping a person develop confidence in speaking English to other English speakers.

$30 USD/ Hour


Online Self Paced

Create your articles. Learn how to spin a tale. This course focuses on teaching students how to express themselves on paper, how to paint pictures with words, and to easily create sentences that everyone can understand.

$30 USD/ Hour


Course Objectives & Outcomes


To help students get a better grasp of neutral English.

As a beginner’s course, we make sure that our students learn the neutral accent for English and make sure they’re beginner friendly.


Students must be able to create grammatically correct statements.

Grammar is a big issue in English and getting grammar wrong can cause misinformation, fake news, and a lot problems people do not need.


Students will be able to read in the English language.

When students are exposed to books after taking this course, they are expected to be able to read and adapt to any accent required.


Building up confidence in speaking English

Often times, the loss of translation prevents people from communicating properly which is why we teach even a basic form of English to help them understand statements.


Being able to apply their lessons in conversing in the online world.

While most schools promote the learning of language for real life use, we also want to emphasize the importance of language as a medium of sociocultural learning in the online world.


Private English Course Offerings

Individual Classes

We do individual classes for those who feel that learning on their own is something they do best. We measure their level of English to make sure we give them the best lessons.

Kiddie Classes

Kids love fun teachers and that’s exactly what our teachers are! They’re fun, make their classes interactive, and make sure that your child will have the most fun experience learning with us.

Group Lessons

Not sure if you want to learn alone? Don’t worry, we have group classes to help you and your friends learn. Want a whole department in the company to learn? We also have packages for that!

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