When did E-books suddenly become so popular? Was it when printing books became so expensive? Was it when the Kindle came out?

But one thing’s for sure, they’re now everywhere.

E-books became the new substitute for real books for a lot of reasons. Different factors such as the environment dying from the lack of paper and also the disdain towards the struggle of carrying so many books. E-books have become a replacement for real books as students find themselves saving more.

However, e-books also becomes damaging for authors. Those who don’t want to buy the book can easily copy the file from their friend. Other times, online stores can also put top-up prices and make the book more expensive than it already was.

But e-books do have their benefits such as being more lightweight and accessible at any given time. And since people are now moving towards a more digitized space, e-books are more welcomed now than ever.