Learning Style

As a teacher, you know that there are multiple facets of personalities present in every classroom; as such, you adjust to each one them.  However, teaching becomes a nail-biting experience because you know that there is no one-size-fits-all formula especially when you have students who lag behind, score low on quizzes, or do not hit the mark in the card.  It’s not that they aren’t smart, but it’s frustrating, and you know that something’s amiss.

As a student, you feel horrible whenever you’d see a low score on a quiz when you know in your heart that you arduously prepared for it.

Fret no more because Howard Gardner, a professor in cognition, education and psychology in Harvard, has established the theory of Multiple Intelligences that can serve as an aid for teachers when designing lessons and activities.  The theory states that each individual learns differently.  It may be through language, logic, movement, etc.  Multifarious studies have been conducted over the years to showcase and prove the efficiency of this theory in learning.

From a student’s viewpoint, you may have an inkling or may even be aware that you have a preferred learning style.  Maybe you’d rather hear a story than read it, or you’d rather dance the letters of a spelling word to better memorize it.  Whichever style you prefer, you know that you are able to retain more information thus, perform better in the classroom and assessments.

AHEAD Online provides tailored-made opportunities for each student to learn in the style one is most comfortable with.  This individualized approach maximizes learning and the skills much needed for studying and acing a test.

Want to find out what your learning style is?  Follow this checklist and the given instructions.  Surprise yourself with the results.

Image from: http://whatscookingwithkids.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Multiple_Intelligences_Graphic_Final_300-1024×1024.jpg