With social media becoming the new source of information, a lot of people are then turning to the internet as a means of learning. Kids as young as four years old already know of the existence of Youtube where they start picking up things from only God knows where. They begin using other terms and to them, they don’t look at actors but instead at streamers like Pewdiepie.

But can online learning match the quality of offline learning?

When it comes to offline learning, there are so many things to consider. First, the environment. Would one enjoy learning in a noisy or a quiet environment? Are they a kinetic kind of learner? Or are they the kind of learner that prefers to delve into the books? The multiple kinds of intelligence also play a large factor. Some kids don’t like your typical sit in a chair and listen for the next eight hours. Some kids prefer something more interactive.

This is where online learning comes in. Online learning doesn’t need your kid to sit in a chair for eight hours. Contrary to what parents think, online learning is just a 1-3 hour class. Although, it highly depends on the initial arrangement. But having an online class can make things less worrisome as one doesn’t need to worry about travel arrangements anymore.

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