Almost all parents will probably agree that there is no foolproof parenting style.  Modern-day children are totally different from children decades ago.  However, there remain some constants in parenting which are applicable to all generations.Here are some things modern parents like you should keep in mind:

Do Not Hound Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

Most kids today already have their own social media accounts which are similar to the diary you used to have as a kid.  Being a diary, it’s like a sacred ground wherein no one’s allowed to enter. Remember, you did not want your own parents to see your childhood diary.  Nothing is wrong in checking your kids’ social media accounts from time to time; you are just being mindful.

After all, social media is a public space as well. As a result, you are free to follow your kids’ social media accounts. However, only look at their accounts using your own, and don’t hack into their accounts, especially if they fail to log out.

Also, to avoid embarrassing the kids, try to only like or comment on the post if these are family posts, or if you find a certain meme funny. Just don’t overdo it, or else you might end up embarrassing them. I’m sure you never wanted your parents to embarrass you in a public forum, so never embarrass your kids in the public forum known as social media.

Do Not Go Over their Messages

Don’t be a human CCTV

Going over your kid’s messages is a big no-no, since it is their way of communicating with their friends. Also, remember that these messages are called PMs or private messages for a reason. So please, as much as possible, do not go over your kid’s messages, since they treasure their privacy as much as you do. After all, you never wanted your own parents to open your telegrams or to eavesdrop on your phone calls, so please respect the privacy of your kids. If your parents did not respect your privacy, then don’t continue this cycle of toxic behavior, because your kids might do the same when they are parents themselves.

Never Blame Your Kids for Blocking Toxic Relatives

We often use social media to keep in touch, especially with other members of the family. However, if your kids end up blocking a family member for toxic behavior, don’t blame them for it. They have their reasons for doing so, like relatives hounding them over their opinions, or worse, your money. Just make sure you talk to your kids about it, but try not to side with the toxic relative, since your kids trust you to be on their side.

Rule Of Thumb: If the toxic relative has a point, then talk to your child about said relative. Just be sure that you use what happened as a learning experience.

Monitor Your Own Social Media Behavior

If you want your kids to use social media responsibly, then be responsible yourself

Dear parents, if you insist that your children follow certain norms when using social media, please keep to these norms as well. After all, you cannot insist that your kids not share fake news if you end up sharing these fake news yourself. So please, dear parents, please be good examples to your children, especially with how you use social media.

Always Keep an Open Mind

Everything is evolving rapidly in this digital age.  As parents, you should, of course, think about your kids’ well-being. Stay on this path, but help your child explore the world and help them process it. Remember, there are no fixed rules for parenting, so just stick to your principles and deal with things as they come along.

Overhauled, Edited, and Revised by Daniel Francisco P. Del Rosario 10/19/19