It’s the middle of the school year which means you may be in the middle of trying to balance your academic subjects and make sure that none is neglected. Rather than just relying on traditional methods of studying like completely depriving yourself from electronics (though nothing is wrong with this) we suggest to those who like to keep their gadgets close to use them for more than just going to social media or surfing the net. With that in mind, we got you covered with this list of great apps (both for Android and IOS) that can help improve your productivity.

1. Wunderlist
Wunderlist is a great app if you’re into making your To-do list digital. Besides its most known feature, the app also helps you create multiple lists and you can set reminders for each.

Available: Android, IOS, OS X, Windows

2. Cam Scanner
Many students these days prefer to read their notes or assigned texts at the comfort of their phone or tablet. A good way to quickly go paperless can be done with Cam Scanner. Just use your phone camera to take a picture of the pages and it will give you a clean page like a real scanner! This app also lets you save your scanned images into PDF or make them into editable texts.

Available: Android, IOS, Windows

3. Forest
Forest is one of those apps that keeps you focused while you’re studying by helping you avoid distractions not by blocking them but encouraging you to finish by growing an on-screen tree. The tree takes 30 minutes to completely grow and be added to form a forest. Of course that’s not all there is to the app because an actual tree does get to be planted in India and Namibia every fully grown tree. Lastly, you can blacklist certain sites you’re avoiding and if you become to tempted and open one of these sites, your virtual forest will die.

Available: IOS, Android, Chrome

4. Dragon Dictation
Sometimes our hands just don’t work fast enough to get the important details when our teachers discuss in class. Dragon Dictation helps you catch up to lectures by using your class recordings and transcribing them for you. This app will record up to 60 seconds of audio which you can send via email or SMS.

Available: IOS, Android

5. Pomodoro Timer
This app which uses a technique developed during the 1980s by Francisco Cirillo. It helps you break down your studying into a set amount of time (say 25 or 30 minutes) then take a short break after (usually 5 minutes). These intervals allow you to time your studying and gives you a longer break after 4 sets. Now that’s what we call a reward.

Available: IOS, Android, Windows

6. The Oxford Dictionary
Improving one’s vocabulary is always a good thing. When unfamiliar terms suddenly come up in your readings and you’re not into the idea of lugging a heavy dictionary around, thankfully even dictionaries are already digitized. Search up those difficult words easily and increase your word knowledge!

Available: IOS, Android, Windows

7. Hangtime

This app which is relatively new and made by Filipino university students has just made planning group study sessions easier! Hangtime functions as a personal and customizable schedule maker. You simply input your classes in the app and you can compare your schedules with your friends by adding them using facebook through the app website. No more multiple screenshots of your friends’ individual schedules and goodbye planning hassles!

Available: Currently, the app is only accessible online.

Admittedly, being a student is hard which is why developers have created these apps to ease and improve studying methods. Technology, previously seen as a distraction can now be used to your advantage so remember to download these apps, boost your studying and get that A!



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