After looking for sometime, Rossana Llenado finds a new home for Ahead along B. Gonzales Street in Loyola Heights. Right next to the old Xocolat restaurant and across Dormitoryana, AHEAD office no longer has their main office in a condominium but in a white house along the street.

The new office is a white house with a black gate and red roof, now being able to accommodate a bigger classroom and a bigger department for the employees. Upon entering the house, there are three floors with each floor having a bathroom for their use. However, the biggest selling point of the house was that there was more room to have classrooms in. The house has two big rooms for AHEAD to fill with all their eager students. Along with the two rooms, there’s also enough room for a library where AHEAD can keep all the books for test design, content development and the sort. And considering the change in curriculum, there will be a requirement for more space in the house to gather more books.

When asked why the change in office, AHEAD’s CEO Rossana Llenado said that she needed a bigger place. A bigger place meant she planned to expand Ahead and make sure that students could get the quality education they needed. Classrooms are not meant to constrain students and nobody likes studying in a tiny space.

Even though AHEAD moves its operations, it’s still maintaining many of its branches that are along Katipunan. AHEAD however doesn’t plan to just stay as a tutorial. There are plans to make AHEAD grow bigger than ever even with the latest technology.

AHEAD’s Head Office address is now 170 B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights.