Ahead nearly sinks!

After the change in educational system in the Philippines, Rossana Llenado knew that AHEAD suffered a big blow from the loss of their students. With many students either made to take another grade or not taking college entrance exams, AHEAD had lost majority of their clientele from the thousands down to the hundred. However, this did not stop her. She instead found a way to readjust the curriculum to help entertain other students.

During this time, it was then AHEAD had begun to sink but it found its way out again.

Sinking of the Ship

While submarines are made to submerge and travel, not all companies are designed that way. Some companies capsize from the sudden economic and social milieu that they are not able to keep up with the ever changing zeitgeist. But in a world dictated by technology, change has now become the norm. Things can be one thing for thirty seconds before changing into something else completely in another. Like in the case of AHEAD, the sudden educational calendar shift and the change in educational system.

To any school, the K-12 shift was a big transition that meant changing a whole lot of things. Students found them For AHEAD, it meant changing some of the instructional materials, training people again, and buying all new materials just to adjust. It also meant changing how things were run in the company in order for things to stay afloat. At one point, Rossana had already told her people that the “boat was sinking” and that they may have to find new jobs.

However, nobody left and everyone pulled their weight and more to be able to fix up the company from its recent slump. And in two months time and luckily having savings, Rossana Llenado kept AHEAD alive during the transition and the company was able to get back on its feet.

Getting back up again: Where is AHEAD now?

Despite the drastic educational transition, AHEAD still finds itself on its feet and with new features. Since schools are now insisting children learn Singaporean Math, AHEAD now features AHEAD Junior (also formerly known as Yu Xin) where children or grade school students can be taught Singaporean Math by teachers and tutors who were trained by Singaporean Math teachers. AHEAD Pro now opens the door of more possibilities to professionals with the partnership of SIMP and CIOL.

And even better, AHEAD is now taking the next step of educational evolution: online. With many people turning towards online as their source of information. AHEAD seeks to bring AHEAD online to not only help students have access to highly qualified tutors but also to eventually usher in the school of the future.

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