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Digital natives — a generation that grew up with technology instead of getting assimilated with it as an adult. These individuals are more comfortable and adventurous with the use of tech; and with the increasing accessibility of tools and apps, the possibilities are now endless for this generation. 

With technology at our disposal for assistance in everything — from navigation to entertainment to cooking, education is not exempt from its reach. Online mentors such as Sal Khan of Khan Academy and Zach Murphy of Ninja Nerd Science have lessons on very technical subjects up for free access on Youtube to assist students who need supplementary assistance with curricular subjects. So, the inevitable question is — can online learning, whether it be from personal tutorials held online or educational videos on Youtube, replace in-person teaching methods? 

To answer this question, we need to take into consideration the student’s preferred learning environment and his learning style (i.e., what type of learner he is). Online school may be recommended for children who prefer to learn in a more interactive environment where they won’t be subject to lectures for extended periods of time. Online schooling usually lasts for 1-3 hours per session, which may be a more effective method for some students. This type of setting is also one-on-one, so the lectures are more personal and each student is better-guided by each lecturer.

Online school may also be consideration for students who are seeking to improve their knowledge on specific subjects without having to be limited by geography or finances. Locally, the weather is mostly harsh, so online lectures may be preferred by students who don’t want to leave the comforts of their own home. Programs from prestigious universities and institutions internationally are also made accessible to students who don’t want to spend a lot on extra costs such as lodging and travel fees. 

In the end, online schooling is a good alternative to in-person tutorials because it offers conveniences such as not having to leave the comforts of your own home and it may be cheaper, if taken with the right tutorial center.

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