Academic Stress

School is supposed to be a place of learning where learning is fun. It’s been proven in studies that students learn more when they have fun. What occurs here is association; the emotion associated to it which is the joy will help people remember things more.

But if learning is supposed to be fun, why are there higher cases of students suffering from depression?

And it’s not just depression. There are other cases such as anxiety. Originally, what was only something specific becomes full-blown and eventually a generalized form of anxiety. And mental disorders do not just occur alone. Unlike some physical diseases, a person can suffer two or more mental disorders at once. They call this comorbidity in which one of the most common mixes is Anxiety and Depression. This is becoming more common in students.

And the common cause for this is known as Academic Stress. Academic Stress is a complex issue and a mix of many other issues that are contained in the context of school. Whether it be deadlines, being ostracized by classmates, or even being unable to ask for help, these things can all cause academic stress and can lead to these mental disorders.

So when you see someone going through this, don’t give too much advice just like that. Stay with them, ask if they need anything, or just let them know that you’re there. Most of the time, people don’t want to be alone. They want someone to listen. And that’s the best you can do for them.