Who we are

We wanted to help people become
flexible with the English language.
That no matter where they go, they can either
learn the new accent of English easily or
communicate with any foreigner despite
the difference in English.

Over 24 Years of Teaching

Teaching People of All Ages an Adaptable Accent for English!

We bring to you one of the most adaptable accents for English. We believe in teaching our students a neutral accent for English to help them adapt to any English speaking country they go to. We pride ourselves in being able to not only grant a student English speaking skills but also the speaking adaptability in Western countries.

Language Certificates

Learn only from teachers who have been certified by TESDA to help improve your English.

Online Studies

Forget the carmaggedon! We want you to learn in the comfort of your own home.

24 Years of Excellence

We’re now taking our 24 years of excellence in education online.

About US

Our Story

AHEAD Online brings to the world courses that focus on helping our students learn a neutral form of English so that they can adjust to any other form in English. Be it in speaking, writing, reading, and understanding.

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English Courses




To create unity through the English language

People are often misunderstood due to the different accents which is why we intend to create a neutral accent to unite the world under one language.


Create amazing opportunities

When we teach our students neutral English, we help them create opportunities to find better jobs, to enroll in better schools, and have better access to higher quality life.


To promote flexibility and adaptability

In a fast paced world controlled by speedy globalization, we make sure that our students can understand the news in any form of media communicated in English.


To promote healthy and open online community

Most anti-social behavior online is due to miscommunication. Our mission is to help promote pro-social behavior in professionals, students, and all kinds of learners by giving them a proper command of the English Language.


Our Administration

founder and ceo

Rossana Llenado

Recognized as one of the Philippines’ most esteemed leaders in education, she is particularly known for her innovations in academic test preparation. She has received several other awards including: 2016 Go Negosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs, 2012 100 Most Amazing Filipinas of Summit Media and among the 75 most admired business leaders in the Philippines for 2007 according to Entrepreneur Magazine, among other awards from respected organizations.


What Our Students Say

Learning English has made me more confident in my interactions with other people. What I like about being in Ahead Online is that they teach me neutral English so I know that, everywhere I go, people can understand my kind of English unlike those with very thick English accents. Because of this, I feel like I’m more capable in participating in conferences, seminars, and even competitions, and I know that this will be a significant step towards opening up more opportunities for me in the future.”


Learning English for international competitions

So I went to Ahead because I wanted to think about my future career and what learning English can do for me. As it turns out, the Philippines is a great country to learn English, and Ahead is the top provider for this learning. I feel like learning in Ahead is better because they taught me neutral English which allows people from other countries to better understand. Through Ahead, I was able to learn English completely and quickly.”


Full-time Student Abroad

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