In this day and age, it is possible to attain one’s college degree online, due to schools like AMA University and UP Open University. However, this does not mean that traditional brick and mortar schools cannot keep up with the technological changes that continue to shape today’s world. This is because teachers can use technology to keep up with their students. Here are some ways teachers can utilize technology to effectively teach their students in a traditional classroom.

Make PowerPoint Presentations Graphic

PowerPoint Presentations should not be text-heavy

Most teachers/academics use PowerPoint presentations to deliver their lectures, but sometimes, they make the mistake of placing too much text in their presentations, which can be a headache to students. Instead, what you can do, dear teachers, is to keep text to a minimum and fill your presentations with pictures. For example, Jo-Ed Tirol, a faculty member of the Ateneo History Department, would not use text in his PowerPoints for his Philippine History classes. Instead, he would place pictures to allow his students to have a view of the period he was discussing. Any text he had were placed in the notes section. So, dear teachers, minimize PowerPoint text, place some pictures, and utilize the notes function, so you can focus on your students more.

Use Edmodo/Moodle To Grade Your Students’ Works

Edmodo is helpful for managing submissions

Instead of asking your students to submit hard copies of their papers, you can use educational technology websites like Edmodo or Moodle to check your students’ works. In fact, this will reduce stress for you because you won’t have to worry about late submissions, for you can lock the submissions after the deadline. You can even release the grades through these sites. You don’t have to be a Millennial teacher to be able to appreciate these websites, for the historian Ambeth Ocampo utilizes Edmodo to grade his student’s papers. In fact, I first learned how to submit my papers through Edmodo in my Rizal Course under him. So, dear teachers, using Edmodo or Moodle would reduce the amount of papers cluttering your desk since they digitize submissions.

Make Your Course Readings Available Online

Making Course Readings electronic is more convenient

When it comes to readings, it is much more convenient to make them available online through Edmodo or Google Drive. This is much more convenient for students because they can keep all their texts in a single tablet, than have a lot of papers weighing them down. Also, if you are the teacher who reuses readings per semester or school year, you will only need to scan your assigned readings once, rather than spending a lot of time, cash, and effort to photocopy readings every grading period. Scanning again will only be required if you want to add more. As a result, making readings electronic will make the logistics of teaching easier.

Use Turnitin to Check for Plagiarism

Turnitin makes plagiarism checking easier

In the academe, plagiarism is not only the unpardonable sin, but it is much easier with technology, due to copy-pasting. So, you can use technology to combat plagiarism by using Turnitin as a plagiarism-checker, for it easily detects how much of a text is copied. An acceptable threshold is anything below 10%, for Turnitin can sometimes be too sensitive, for it even detects citations and headings, and a single digit percentage is acceptable because it takes these into account. Thus, it will not only be easier to check your students’ work using technology, but you can make sure that their work is all original.

Technology Allows Teachers to Prioritize Students

In the end, technology can help teachers by simplifying checking papers, gathering readings, and organizing lectures. Since educational technologies are capable of taking over the administrative side of teaching, they allow you, dear teachers, to focus on your main task, which is to help your students develop the will and passion for learning.