AHEAD Online’s Advocacy

We believe in improving the state of education by taking our quality learning online.

Leadership, Communication, and Advocacy

We believe that every student can become a leader. And what better way to lead than to lead through example? AHEAD Online aims to become the leader in online tutorials and lessons.

Student & Staff Opportunities

When we teach people online, we also provide students and staff opportunities to learn and interact. We create a dynamic environment to make learning a more memorable and fun experience.

Quality in Learning and Teaching

While we make learning fun, we also believe that the best kind of learning only comes from the best quality of materials and teachers. All our tutors have been trained and are experts in their academic field such as Singaporean Math, Science, and English. For those who wish to learn English, we’re certified

Research and Critical Reflection

When it comes to research, we don’t want people just looking it up. We want people to look at its implications. We want our students to understand that there are other things beyond just study. We want them to be the answer to the question, “so, what happens now?” We teach our students not just facts but also give them opportunities on how to apply them in the cyber world.

Celebrating the New

Professional Development & Community


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