Test Taking Tips

For a lot of students, grades do matter. Especially if you’re planning to go to Med school or Law school, grades do matter. It’s not always a priority but it’s a good fall back should something go wrong somewhere during the application process.

But we all know tests can be nerve-wracking. They can instill doubt, anxiety, and often times severe paranoia as to how well you can perform in an exam. So, here are some test taking tips that you can use while taking the exam.

  1. The time and tested “Skip if you don’t know” – This technique is a common technique applicable even to some college entrance exams. For example, if the test is right minus wrong, you can choose not to answer the question and it won’t be considered a wrong. But if it is, you can still skip it. Why? This will allow you to head on finishing the rest of the test. No point wasting your time on a question you can’t figure out now and then.
  2. Context Clues – This is one of the more analysis-heavy techniques. If you’re not sure of the term, look at how its used. Sometimes, the clues to the question are littered around the exam. And if you piece them together, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find the answer.
  3. The bathroom break technique – Tests can be mentally draining. Taking a short break to the bathroom can help revitalize your mind and think about the question in a less tense environment. All you have to do is go to the bathroom every now and then come back to answer. Just do it as long as
  4. Educated guesses – We don’t completely forget things. We just tend to forget the exact term. If you’re not sure, you can trial and error with the guesses until you get the answer. This is good usually for math where you can test your answer.
  5. Don’t overthink. Take the question as is – One of the reasons why we end up messing up on tests is because we tend to overthink. “But our teacher said this!”, “He said this”, “But didn’t this book say this…” And while it’s okay to overthink, this is severe overthinking which can instill more doubt and anxiety if you’re not careful.

One of the best test taking tips: study

Sometimes, we resort to a whole bunch of techniques because we’re not sure. Or, we didn’t study right. But that can’t always be the case. We sometimes end up procrastinating which can be bad also for a psychosocial health. Study in increments; you don’t have to study everything all at once. But if you need help studying especially if you need to do it online, message us at our Facebook page so we can help answer your needs.