Learning a new language is fun. Once you get the hang of it, you’re able to communicate with other people and you get to make your own secret messages. Having another language can also help you get out of certain awkward social situations. And if you’re planning to go abroad, knowing their native language can help to.

language learning

So how do you learn another language? How do you set yourself up? Here are some tips to help you learn a new language.

  1. Read children’s books – There are some children’s books that are written with an English subtitle with the language. There, you can do some cross reference as to what the language means.
  2. Watch TV shows – You wonder how people learned Japanese so quickly? They learned it by watching anime. Cognitively, the anime addresses way of learning magic in different aspects. One, it shows the context. Two, it also shows the subtitle underneath, and three, it shows it in away that people would be more enticed to watch. So, if you see your siblings and/or children watching anime, don’t be surprised when they start speaking Japanese.
  3. Take them to speak the locals – There are some places in different countries where locals of that language live. For Chinese people in the Philippines, the best place to learn is in the streets of Binondo, Manila. Many of the old Chinese families live there who still have relatives who don’t know English or at least don’t use English as well.
  4. Read to them old folk stories – A lot of the old folk stories are references to their language. For example, Bathala, the pagan god of the old Filipinos, is the origin of where the Filipinos got their term “bahala na” which is they leave everything up to their god. At the same time, it will inspire their love for reading and hopefully get them to read more books.
  5. Singing and dancing their songs – One of the best ways kids learned how to speak a different language was by watching Disney songs in their native¬†language. For example, listening to Frozen’s Let it Go can at least give you an accent as to how Norwegian should be spoken. Reflection from Disney’s Mulan can also be sung in Chinese. Not only is it a nostalgia trip for older kids but even young kids would be inspired to pick up the language due to the rhythm and tone of the song.

And if you’re having a hard time, don’t worry. It’s really part of learning the language. Some languages require different things such as speaking through the nose, increased flexibility of the tongue and sometimes even controlling the volume of your voice. And if you need help learning English or Filipino, you can message us here at our Facebook page for additional information on how we can help you.